“We’ll have a sweet little cafe in a neat little square,
we’ll find our fortune and our happiness there.
We shall thrive on the vain and resplendent, and contrive to remain independent.
We’ll have a meek reputation and a chic clientele.
Kings will fall under our spell.
We’ll be so zealous that the world will be jealous of our sweet little cafe in a square.”
Noel Coward.

Kate and Daniel James, together with Kate’s sister Alex were behind setting up The Nook on the Square.

With Dan’s interest in cooking, and Kate and Alex having always had a dream of running a sweet little cafe, the three had been looking out for a suitable rental property within Dunchurch for some years, but it was Dan who saw a lovely Georgian house for sale on the Square called ‘The Nook’ and saw the potential as a new family home and, possibly, a new cafe business as well. They snapped it up.

The planning process was fairly straightforward and in August 2013 renovations began to turn the ground floor of the property into a 32 cover cafe. It was when Kate was collecting the dining tables that she’d bought online from a lady in Macclesfield that she met a producer on a BBC2 TV show called ‘The Restaurant Man’ who asked what we were doing with the tables. And so began the journey with Russell Norman and the team following every move as The Nook on the Square was created. The cafe opened on 11th January 2014.


Unless otherwise stated, everything we do is prepared lovingly from scratch. We use local suppliers and locally sourced produce wherever possible. Our artisan breads and buns come from the fabulous Revel Bakery. Our free-range eggs come from Thurlaston half a mile away.

Because all of our dishes are made to order from fresh ingredients, at busy times they make take a little time. Who was it that said good things come to those who wait? x